Prairie du Rocher Saddle Club


Membership Rules for all Trailrides


2.                    Unruly horses are to be kept at the rear of the ride.

3.                    Red flags or ribbons to be on tails of all kicking horses and blue flags or ribbons on all stallions.

4.                    Horses and riders are to stay on designated trail at all times.

5.                    Riders are to keep up with horses in front of them to keep riders together.

6.                    No littering on trails or ride host?s property.

7.                    Respect other riders, horses, and property.

8.                    Do not RUN horses past other riders.

9.                    Keep horses 10 feet away from refreshment truck.

10.                 No blatant drunkenness to the extent that it endangers your person and/or horse, or the person and/or horses of others.



BY-LAWS   April 2012



ARTICLE   #1 -   Name


The name of this club is the PRAIRIE DU ROCHER SADDLE AND BRIDLE CLUB.


ARTICLE  #2 -   Objective


The object of this club is to encourage and to promote the use of all breeds of horses to be used as pleasure and recreational mounts, and to interest the youth of the community to work and play together in the club activities.


ARTICLE   #3 -  Membership


    Section 1.  Individual Membership - 


    Persons 18 years and older will be entitled to vote upon payment of  $25.00 dues for new members, and $20.00 dues for

     established members. Any individual member who marries may convert to a family membership.


    Section 2.  Family Membership


    Husband and wife and immediate family under the age of 18 are included.



    They are entitled to two votes upon payment of $40.00 dues for new membership and $35.00 dues for renewal of established




    Any child under a family membership who turns 18 prior to January 1 of calendar year is entitled to an individual membership

    upon payment of dues.


    Section 3. Honorary Membership  


    This membership may be granted at any time by the Officers and the Board of Directors for that calendar year. Honorary members

     have no voting rights but are entitled to all other privileges.


    Section 4. Termination of Membership


    If a member fails to pay current dues by March 1, membership is considered abandoned.



     Membership may also be terminated for violation of club rules as outlined in Article 3, Sections 5 and 6. 


    Section 5.  Trail Ride Rules  

    All members will be expected to abide by the following trail ride rules:


          1.   Saddle club rides are for MEMBERS ONLY. Any guest(s) must be invited by ride host.

          2.   Unruly horses are to be kept at the rear of the ride.

          3.   Flags or ribbons are to be attached to the tails of horses as indicated: RED for kicking horses, BLUE for stallions.

          4.   Horses and riders are to stay on the designated trails at all times.

          5.   Riders are to keep up with the horse(s) in front of them so that riders are together as a group.

          6.   No littering is allowed on the trails or on ride host’s property.

          7.   Respect other riders, horses and property.

          8.   Do NOT run horses past other riders.

          9.   Keep horses 10 feet away from refreshment truck.

         10.  No blatant drunkenness will be tolerated. Such behavior endangers your person and/or horse(s), or

                other person(s) and/or horse(s).

         11.  Horses MUST BE SADDLED and READY TO RIDE by the scheduled departure time or you will

                NOT be welcome to participate in the ride.





BY-LAWS   April 2012 (Cont’d)


    Section 6.  Enforcement of Membership and Trail Ride Rules


   Any two club Officers (including Board Members) may order a member(s) to immediately cease participating in a club or club

    sponsored function if, in their opinions, the member’s conduct is inappropriate or presents a hazard to other members or




    Failure to comply may result in the termination of membership.


    The procedure shall be as follows:

        1.) The matter shall be scheduled for review at the next club meeting.

        2.) It shall be decided by a majority vote of all members present, whether or not to terminate the violator’s membership.

        3.) If terminated, the former member can apply for a new membership as a new applicant as described in Article 3, Sections

             1and/or 2 of the by-laws.


ARTICLE #4     Officers


    Section  1. Executive Committee -

    The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers and the Directors of the club.


    Section  2.   Officers -

    The officers of the club shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Reporter.


    Section  3.   Election of Directors -

    Three Directors shall be elected; one to be elected each year for a three year term at the regular January meeting.


    Section  4.   Election of Officers -

    The election of officers shall be at the regular January meeting and shall be for a period of one year.


ARTICLE  # 5    Vacancies In Elected Offices


    Section  1.  Office Vacancy -

    Whenever a vacancy occurs in any elected office before the normal expiration date, for whatever reason, it shall be filled by the

     President; such appointment to continue until the next regular election.


    Section  2.  Removal of Officer -

    Any officer, who in the opinion of the majority of the Executive Committee members, is inactive or undesirable, may be removed

     and a successor appointed.


ARTICLE  #6     Duties of the Officers.


    Section  1.  Executive Committee -


    The duty of the Executive Committee is to pursue the object of the club by managing all club business.


    Section 2.   President –


   The President shall preside at all meetings and act as Chairman of the Executive Committee.  He shall appoint all committees except

    the Executive Committee, call special meetings, and perform all other duties assigned to this office.


    Section 3.   Vice-President -

   The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all the duties of the office of the President.


    Section 4.   Secretary -

   The Secretary shall keep notes on the regular business and executive meetings, keep membership records and write up the minutes

    promptly and completely in the club record books, and carry on all general correspondence of the club.


    Section 5.  Treasurer -

   The Treasurer shall receive and keep records of all monies, debts and obligations of the club, and shall have the authority to sign

    checks and make authorized payments for the purpose of meeting financial obligations of the club. The Treasurer shall render a

    complete financial report at the January meeting.


    Section 6.   Assistant Treasurer

   The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer at special events, meetings and events of the club.


ARTICLE  #7    Fiscal Year.


   The fiscal year of the club shall be the calendar year, January 1 to December 31.


ARTICLE  #8    Meetings.


    Section  1.  Schedule of Meeting

   A regular monthly meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month.


   Section  2.  Meeting Program

   Order of business shall be as follows:

      Call to order.

       Reading of minutes from the previous meeting.

       Report of the Secretary and Treasurer.

       Unfinished or old business, reports of committees.

       New business and discussions.



    Section  3.   Membership Quorum

    A quorum shall consist of 5 percent (5%) of the membership.


    Section 4.   Special Committee Report

    The President shall from time to time appoint special committees and such committees shall make full reports at the regular



ARTICLE   #10    Amendments


    Section  1.   Suggestions for Change

   Suggestions for additions or amendments to the By-Laws or repeal of a By-Law may be made by any member.  Each suggestion

    shall be considered by the Executive Committee,  who will recommend it for adoption or discussion.


    Section  2.   Membership Consideration of Change

   Proposed additions or amendments to the By-Laws shall be acted upon at the next regular meeting following discussion of the

    addition, amendment, or repeal. A favorable vote by 2/3 of the members present shall be required for adoption of the change

    to the By-Laws.




(Feb. 2007 By-Laws revised April, 2012 including any past amendments.)