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The Full Story

History of the Saddle Club

The PDR Saddle & Bridle Club was created in 1962 by a group of men who had 2 goals:

1. Ride Horses

2. Drink Beer


These men banded together, created bylaws, and set some basic standards:

  • Beer would be sold for 40 cents

  • Soda would be sold for 10 cents

(according to the minutes, water was not an option)​

The beginning

Originally rides were all held at friends houses. Neighbors were often happy to permit riders to cross their propety. Of course in 1962 not many had horse trailers. Lucky for PDRSC they lived down in the bottoms near the Mississippi River. So some would load up in Grain Trucks and simply back up to the levy to unload!

The Rides

By the 2000s the membership had climbed to well over 100 members. People of all ages would gather at the rides. Beer trucks would meet at stops to sell beer, soda, and water. 

(Unfortunately no longer for 10 cents)

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